Carl Hall

Managing Director

With over 30 years experience in the sector, both as a producer and Distributor. During the early 2000’s Carl founded Parthenon Entertainment, which later grew to house a catalogue of 2 and a half thousand hours of programming and included ‘In Out’ media group, a Canadian production company as well as 422 Graphic in Bristol and the acquisition of both libraries and other distribution companies, including True Stories in Munich.Carl went on to sell Parthenon Entertainment to British Sky Broadcasting Limited, which later integrated itself into Sky as Sky Vision where Carl remained Managing Director. He later went on to create Warehouse 51 Productions, a pure production company and West One International which facilitates productioncompanies to complete their projects by providing gap funding. Carl has executive produced over 700 hours of programming and directed specials like ‘Stonehenge Rediscovered’ and ‘The Secret History of the Freemasons’. He has recently worked closely with the CIA on the secret history of Area 51.

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