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Educational comedy, Animation and live action for Kids!

Pixie Fix
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Pixie FIx

Pixie fix

Deep in the Evergreen Forest, in the trunk of a 1000 year-old oak tree lives Pixie Fix. The funny, eager and wise Elf is fond of challenges and has a solution for every problem. As the guardian of the forest, Pixie Fix wakes up early every day and visits his laboratory high in the oak tree where he signals the leaves to let the sunshine in and lets in the fresh breeze to air the forest out. Next, he sets about waking up the other inhabitants of the old oak tree: the bees, the squirrels, the ants and the mice… Pixie is helped by his rather clumsy assistant, Huey Gluey and his friend Buzzy Buzz - a brave and trusty female firefly who is never far from his side. One morning, a sudden event changes the lives of the forest dwellers entirely…Nothing is working in the command centre and Pixie, Huey and Buzzy Buzz can’t find dewdrops anywhere! This spells disaster for the forest and Pixie and Buzzy Buzz set off on a quest to unravel the mystery of the missing dewdrops. With the help of Huey Gluey, who remains at oak tree headquarters, brave Pixie and our gutsy girl, Buzzy Buzz, travel through desert, snowy mountains, the jungle and even to the depths of the sea to uncover the missing dewdrops’ whereabouts.

Format: Digital 2D-3D Animation
Duration: 13 x 11 min
Genre: Educational comedy for children
Target audience: Boys and girls aged 4-8
Take a look at the Pixie Fix Brochure HERE
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Our beautiful planet is truly a place of wonder – especially if you are eight and ten years old! Join Luca and his sister Melua on a wild journey of discovery as they explore some of the most spectacular places on earth…

Armed with an insatiable sense of curiosity, our two young adventurers head off on a global mission to learn about the fascinating animals that call these amazing places home. Journeying from the rolling savannahs of the African bush, to the Pacific Ocean, the Rocky Mountains of the USA, the jungles of Madagascar and the towering sand dunes of the world’s oldest desert, they find excitement, mystery and plenty of interesting characters at every turn!

36 x 14’ minutes
8 years upwards (family viewing)
Live Action / 2D Animation (shot in 4K)
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Alien Space Ship_Sketched_new_Title Safe
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My wild family - Elephant-wide.jpg
My wild family - gannet-wide.jpg
My wild family - baboon wide.jpg
My wild family - cheetah-wide.jpg
My wild family - cheetah-wide.jpg

30 x 5'-6' minutes

5-15 years

Live Action HD

An insider’s perspective on the real lives of wild animals, told through the eyes of one of their young as they embark on their journey of growing up. This enchanting and endearing children’s series captivates young audiences, keeping them engaged and entertained whilst Simultaneously educating them on the fascinating world of wildlife. Each episode makes use of child friendly language and appeals to a wide audience age range of between 5 to 15.

My wild family - chimpanzee-wide.jpg
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My wild family - crocodile-wide.jpg
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