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Reversing Climate Disaster (1x60')

Some say a carbon-neutral future is impossible. In this documentary, Reversing the Climate Disaster, we’ll meet the innovators proving them wrong…

Inspired by Bill Gates’ best-selling book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” and featuring Bill Gates himself, this feature-length documentary is an informative and inspiring adventure into how everything we do needs to be done differently, in order to adapt to rising sea levels, droughts and other climate-related challenges.

Reversing Climate Disaster

Rome: Rise Of The Empire (3x60')

At its height, the Roman Empire extended over three continents and included a large fraction of the ancient world’s population. Join world-renowned archaeologist Darius Arya in Rome: Rise of Empire, a three-part series that takes viewers throughout the ancient Roman Empire, exploring history’s most multicultural political entity.

Rome: Rise Of The Empire (3x60')

Killer Cases (3x60')

Delve into some of history’s most notorious unsolved crimes with our panel of experts who guide us through the evidence and shed new light on old mysteries...


In Killer Cases we'll examine the evidence of several cold cases, including infamous serial killings, Hollywood scandals, a royal assassination and more.

True Crime: Killer Cases (3x60')

Van Gogh: The Real Story (3x60')

Van Gogh: The Real Story is an immersive journey through the world of Vincent van Gogh, filmed on location at historical sites in Europe and enriched by the voices of fellow Impressionists, as well as the music of his time.


Written and directed by Professor Jean-Pierre Isbouts, an art historian, best-selling author, and award-winning filmmaker, the three-episode series—featuring beautiful visuals and engaging storytelling—sets out to answer many urgent questions that remain unsolved to this day. Discover the secrets behind the life and work of one of the most recognized, yet misunderstood, artists of the modern world.

Van Gogh: The Real Story (3x60')

America's Great Trails (3x60')

Here's your chance to sample life on six spectacular trails in North America with your guide, Emmy® award-winning filmmaker Mick Davie. Each trail holds rich secrets of American history and stories of the people who traveled them. 


Mick will take you on an adventure through the rugged heart of the continent, revealing its most closely held secrets in three stunning episodes.  We will learn about different terrains, climates, and a host of incredible wildlife. 

America's Great Trails is a feast for your senses that can help you rediscover your connection to the natural world.

America's Great Trails (3x60')

Spies Secret History of Espionage (3x60')

The world of espionage is shrouded in mystery—even to those in it. And so much of what we think we know about spy craft is rooted in literature and film and drama. But even though the true nature of espionage is quite different, that doesn’t mean history’s real spies are any less heroic. Or fascinating.

In Spies: Secret History of Espionage go behind the shadows with a distinguished panel of historians—including a former intelligence case officer—in search of the secret meeting places, complex codes, stealth observations, and cutting-edge technologies spies have used throughout history.

Using historical visuals and captivating graphics, we cover topics ranging from spies in pop culture, the “femme fatale,” and the most effective secret agents in World War II. As you get to know real spies and their methods, you’ll uncover how their work is much more fascinating than anything pop culture could dream up.

Spies Secret: History of Espionage (3x60')

The Life Of Jesus: History Revealed (3x60')

As the largest religion in the world, Christianity is comprised of thousands of denominations reflecting 2,000 years of ideas. While many branches of the faith vary wildly, they all spring from the same source: a rabbi from Galilee in the far provinces of the Roman Empire. To better understand Christianity today—and, thus, our world—you will journey back to the source and reflect on the man at the center of the Christian faith, the historical Jesus of Nazareth.


Life of Jesus takes you back two millennia to explore the history, context, and character of a humble carpenter who changed the world.

The Life Of Jesus: History Revealed (3x60')

The Search for the Last Great Tusker (1x60')

Follows British wildlife artist, Jonathan Truss on a quest to find his ultimate artistic inspiration and create a portrait of a famous big tusker elephant called Tim.  

Iconic Africa, art and an elusive elephant..... we follow British wildlife artist, Jonathan Truss on a quest to find his ultimate artistic inspiration and create a portrait of a famous big tusker elephant called Tim. Our artist has been set this challenge by none other than Virginia McKenna OBE, the star of the film Born Free and co founder of the charity that shares it’s name. 

This wonderful film follows Jonathan as he journeys deep into Amboseli National Park, Kenya in search of the elusive tusker; even the rangers in this massive park rarely get a glimpse of Tim. 

The Search of the last great Tusker

Accidental Renovators (4x60')

Three years ago, twenty-six-year-old Cal Hunter from Hull and twenty-four-year-old Claire Segeren from Toronto, Canada set out to buy a two-bedroom flat in Glasgow city centre at auction, but in a fateful mistake that changed everything, Cal bid on the wrong unit and they ended up accidentally purchasing Jameswood Villa - a derelict property in need of total renovation in Dunoon, situated on the Cowal peninsula within a quiet, close-knit community.

With the property having been uninhabited for over thirty years, with what remains of it being over 100 years old and having been described by builders as ‘in a state of partial collapse’ they were advised to demolish Jameswood Villa but ignoring expert advice, millennials Cal and Claire chose to sustainably bring it back to life instead.

Accidental Innovators

Weapon Of The Century (2x60 or 1x60')

In the history of the warfare over the last 70 years there is one gun which has remained a constant - The AK47.  More than any other weapon, the AK47 has maintained not only its popularity, but its significance and effectiveness. This programme follows the history of the modern warfare through the lens of this iconic weapon which shaped the history on the battlefield probably more than any other weapon existing.


The series has a modern feel and look as the historic scenes have been created using cutting-edge  Unreal Engine  Animation system at the same time maintaining the historic accuracy.

Weapon Of The Century

Britain's Hidden Fishes (1x60')

Narrated by Jerermy Wade (River Monsters), Britain’s Hidden Fishes is a documentary exploring the underwater world of the UK.

From our chalkstreams to open sea will take a look at the lives of some of the most underrated wildlife, fish. Britain’s Hidden Fishes this film was shot over the course of two years to bring stories, behaviours and footage never seen before of british fish.

Britain's Hidden Fishes


If you don't know where Belize is, don't worry, you're not alone. This fascinating but little-known country is bordered to the north by Mexico, the west by Guatemala and the east by the Caribbean Sea.

For decades, the diverse people of this former British colony have been working quietly and determinedly to protect their unique natural treasures. As with all such endeavours, the modern world constantly presents challenges to this work.

In this series, we follow award-winning environmental journalist Gelareh Derabi and celebrity chef Sean Kuylen on their journey to meet the people at the vanguard of this incredible undertaking. We experience the places, animals and habitats they are fighting to protect.

At the culmination of these four fascinating hours of television, we will have a view of the intricate but fragile tapestry that makes up one of the world's most captivating countries. And, what's more, one which might just provide a blueprint for the world.

Unknown Belize


Malelane - Elephant Rescue (1x60')


this action filled series documents the heroic efforts of

southern Africa’s most exceptional conservationists as they battle against the odds to save the continent’s most iconic animals.

In this episode our team of conservationists puts together an emergency operation to save a group of five elephants from being shot. Having broken out of their reserve, the elephants are routinely crossing a national highway, leaving the South African government one of two options, to try and move the animals, or to kill them. Featuring famed wildlife transportation expert Kester Vickery , world famous veterinarians Dr. Dave Cooper and Dr. Peter Rodgers, expert logician Dereck Milburn, and elite bush helicopter pilot Jana Meyer, this episode shows the incredible lengths, technical challenges, and expertise required to organize and execute one of the world’s fastest elephant relocations, in an attempt to save their lives.


WHAT IF (52x60') 


The internet's #1 science show is becoming a longform powerhouse of wondrous, scientific odysseys.


What If

Greenland - 4K

Presenter Lead (2x60') 

Narrator Lead (1x60')

In this film, we explore Greenland. We travel to the northernmost natural human settlement on Earth...

Along the way, we will discover Greenland’s secret history, and its 4,000 years of Inuit history and culture.

We journey to an abandoned ghost town, a mining settlement frozen in time.

We retrace the mysterious Franklin expedition that vanished amongst the ice.

And we discover Greenland’s spectacular wildlife and find out how climate change is affecting their behaviour, and for some, threatening their very survival.

From the world’s largest colony of breeding Arctic terns... which make the greatest migration on the planet, from pole to pole... to immense populations of little auks, seals and whales.

And we track musk ox and discover how this ice-age relic survives in the tundra.


History In Living Colour (6x60') 

Mystery and adventure await as world renowned visual historian Jordan Lloyd uncovers the fascinating, unknown stories behind history's most incredible photos.

Contact for more information  >>>

History In Living Colour
Vikings_2 Poster.jpg


Everything we thought we knew about Vikings is changing.

This series combines a first hand, real life adventure documenting this journey with all the new information scientists, archeologists, and researchers have discovered to form a new, more complete, picture of the Viking story that is more real, more relevant, and more recent than any ever told, including a recent, 1,000th anniversary transatlantic voyage along the historic Viking route to North America.

From the end of the 8th through to the 11th century a mass exodus of Scandinavians leaving their homelands to seek their fortunes elsewhere changed the course of history forever. These strong sea-faring warriors – collectively known as Vikings or Norsmen – undertook large scale raiding, colonizing, conquest, and trading adventures through Europe and beyond. Though their history was passed down orally and eventually recorded in story telling tools like rune stones, modern records and writing were mostly made long after the fact and most popular conceptions are based on observers and victims accounts. The great mystery of their motivation lies at the heart of an ocean of mysteries about their rise and fall, their technology, the knowledge, their needs, ands culture.

In this series though history, science and adventure we reveal new facts about Vikings, their travels across the oceans and their discoveries.

Vikings - The American Quest

Britain's Secret Islands (4x60') 

In this four-part adventure and exploration series we travel around the UK in a historic sailing ship, visiting the secret islands of the British Isles, to discover the untold stories of the fascinating history, cultures and wildlife that they hold, including their links to Viking and Nordic heritage. From 5000-year-old ruins to fascinating living cultures with Viking ancestry, which are found across the 6000 islands that form the United Kingdom, we unveil their mystery, natural history and archaeology.


Britains Secret Islands - Episode 3 (1).jpg
Britain's Secret Islands


This gorgeous film adds the missing piece of the climate puzzle and offers urgent hope. While everyone has heard of global warming, few understand how environmental feedback loops amplify the warming even further, something which is not being taken into account by policy makers. With captivating illustrations, stunning footage and interviews with leading climate scientists as well as support from Greta Thunberg and Jane Fonda among others, this revealing film examines how human activity is setting off dangerous warming loops that are pushing the climate to a point of no return - and what we need to do to stop them.

View the brochure here


Richard G
Earth Emergency

Riverwoods (1x60') - 4K

Riverwoods shines a light on the perilous state of Scotland’s salmon and tells the compelling story of an inextricable and extraordinary relationship, between fish and forest.

Working together, a group of expert scientists and talented visual storytellers, reveal how Scotland’s rivers have been greatly diminished but crucially, how they could be reborn through a shared vision of restoration and recovery.

The salmon need the forest. The forest needs the salmon. And Scotland needs them both



Spanning over two thirds of our planet, the world's oceans are home to creatures that can be traced back to earth's humble beginnings.

A world where life blossoms ... And danger lurks. These are the worlds of Ultimate Oceans. Across the 3 breathtaking-taking episodes this extraordinary series will enter the world below the waves and uncover an enchanted place filled with infinite secrets, mysteries and hidden wonders.

Our oceans are place where the life hangs in the balance and each creature must play their part in never ending cycle.

Ruled by the tides, guided by instincts, all who live here - from the small to the huge - have their place in a delicate, perfectly balanced system...

Against all odds every day is a race to be the fastest, biggest, smartest or most powerful.

To survive they must navigate their Ultimate Oceans.


Air Jaws_FalseBay001_09062009 HR.JPG
Ultimate Ocean Series
1. CLOUDED LEOPARD - 01.00.23_edited.jpg


One Forest. Four Cats. Countless Stories to tell. In one of the last truly wild corners of South East Asia a collection of secretive predators defend their last remaining stronghold.


Nestled along the boarder between Thailand and Myanmar, the mysterious jungles of Huai Kha Khaeng are home to some of the rarest wild cats on earth - the Clouded Leopard, The Asian Leopard, The Indian Fishing Cat and the Indo Chinese Tiger.


Territories intertwined and continuously shifting - it’s a cat eat cat world out here - to thrive in these tangled lands these cats must cheat death on a daily basis. Enemies await at every turn but the rewards can be great for Thailand’s Golden Cats.


Thailand's Wild Cats


EPIC ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS travels the globe, digging up stories behind the stunning, the shocking and the most spectacular wildlife videos.



Weird and Outrageous Encounters

Predators Large and Small

 Adventures at the Waters Edge

Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 14.17.07.png
Epic Animal Encounters
Kids Safari.png

Kids Safari (36x15')

Our beautiful planet is truly a place of wonder – especially if you are eight and ten years old! Join Luca and his sister Melua on a wild journey of discovery as they explore some of the most spectacular places on earth...







Kids Safari

Murderous History (6x60') 

Murderous History is a six hour fascinating investigative series that looks at history through the lens of crime. These spine chilling stories take us back in time to unlock the secrets of a place, an era and the people who lived there - exploring some of history’s greatest and most shocking crimes.

Murderous History (6x60')
My Wild Animal Family

My Wild Family - (30 x 5-6') 

An insider’s perspective on the real lives of wild animals, told through the eyes of one of their young as they embark on their journey of growing up. This enchanting and endearing children’s series captivates young audiences, keeping them engaged and entertained whilst simultaneously educating them on the fascinating world of wildlife. Each episode makes use of child friendly language and appeals to a wide audience age range of between 5 to 15 .



Baby Meerkat

Baby Baboon

Baby Chimp

Baby Giraffe


A once-in-a-lifetime, action packed adventure through Africa’s last untamed, majestic wildernesses. Massive Africa is a unique and unparalleled visual jour- ney! Offering a never before seen perspective on the continent’s unchartered wonderlands, iconic natural marvels and awe-inspiring wildlife spectacles.

Overwhelming in sheer unrivalled scale and sumptuous sweeping beauty, Massive Africa explores Africa’s colossal landscapes and uncovers the ultimate in wildlife action and drama. In each episode, infinite vibrant vistas- pulsating with life- intertwine with the raw power of nature to create the planet’s wildest and most epic stages. Upon these, the sensational life-and-death struggles of her bustling diversity of wildlife enthrals in heart-stopping performances.

Massive Africa
Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 16.08.05.png


In the Western reaches of Zimbabwe, the country’s largest national park lies beneath a canopy of Mahogany and Cathedral mopani trees. Once the ancient hunting grounds for the warrior-king Mzilikazi, the Hwange Game Reserve has been a national park for nearly a century. While celebrated for huge elephant herds and spectacular scenery, There is one creature here that has captured the hearts and minds of all – Hwange’s lions. These massive cats are rumored to be some of the biggest wild lions on the planet. One magnificent beast in particular was destined to become one of Africa’s most tragically famous animals. He was known as Cecil.

While his demise at the hand of hunters was splashed across the media, parking fury and sadness in all who heard his tale, Cecil’s life-story before he was posthumously ionised is worthy of celebrating. To let him slip into anonymity would be as tragic as his death. By remembering him as a warrior, father and loyal brother, he will always be remembered as the king he was born to be.


Cecil, The Lion King


The Earth, our planet, is a magnificent and diverse world, filled to the brim with life. But life, in all its forms, cannot exist except within a very specific set of rules – among many, to be alive means to breathe, to breed, to sense one’s environment, and importantly – to and nourishment, in whatever form fits. Out in the wild, it’s eat or be eaten, and few escape this one law that governs all. The epic and eternal battle of predator vs. prey has moulded and shaped all life on Earth and resulted in a fierce array of weaponry and masterful set of skills. Deadliest Hunters takes a closer Look at some of the animals that have led the way in refining their skills as masterful huntsmen



Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 15.35.29.png
Deadly Hunters


In a world where the only certainty is uncertainty, successfully navigating the journey of life is reserved only for the elite. Some few are able to run the gauntlet alone, while others employ a more stead-fast strategy- safety in numbers. Out in the wild a select few animals have reddened collaboration, melded their strengths, and become some of nature’s most formidable units. Out in the ganglands, every team needs its strategy and each individual has their role to play to make sure as many of them make it through to stand together and witness the coming of a new day this is Wild Dynasties.


Wild Gangs


Vast, intricate and untamed. Planet Earth holds within its bounds pockets of wilderness, built to survive the test of time. These lands and they inhabitant gave an eternal and unspoken pact that decides who is able to pass on their legacy to the next generation: Adapt to Survive.

In this series, we delve into the mysterious world of animals, pitted strategies the laws life to perpetuate in the most vicious environments of our planet.



Adapt or Die
Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 16.29.37.png


Far away, tucked in the outer reaches of our planet, vast landscapes are ruled by only those tenacious enough to have weathered the storms of nature’s greatest tests. Planet Earth hosts within it an array of different environments, each presenting its inhabitants with a unique set of challenges. These challenges weed out the weak and leave behind a subset of individuals who have adapted to becomes master specialists of their realms – from the expansive and unforgiving deserts to mighty and merciless rivers, to the deep and secretive forests – let us take you on a journey through the lives of the

creatures that inhabit the Wild Kingdoms of our world.



Wild Kingdoms
White Collar Boxing

White Collar Boxing (3x60')

This show takes ordinary men and women living in China and trains them up to be amateur boxers.Boxing was previously banned under the communist regime and it wasn’t until 2012 that a Chinese person won a major world boxing title. Nowadays, the most successful Chinese boxers are household names and the sport is growing in popularity. We watch as six participants put themselves through the gruelling process of trying to make it into a fight at one of the world’s biggest white collar boxing events. Boxing is one of the loneliest sports in the world and it requires a mental and physical strength that few possess... yet here are a few people willing to give it a go.

Hustlers Convention
70fce54a-a61d-4015-9eba-ba09abbab849 2.j



The untold story of the album that changed the face of music . Featuring Lightnin Rod, KRS-one. Chuck D, Ice-T,MC Lyte and Immortal Technique.

Released in 1973 by founding member of The Last Poets, Jalal Nuriddin, under the name Lightnin' Rod, Hustlers Convention tells the story of Sport and Spoon - two young hustlers who attend the eponymous convention, only to get tangled up in a financial disagreement that leads to a shootout, police chase and finishes with Sport on Death Row, weighing up what it all means. Taking its title from the album, Hustlers Convention the film will blend archive and photos with interviews and use unique animated sequences set to the album. We will see the Hustlers Convention in its wider social context and Jalal's personal story as one of rap's undisputed pioneers.


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