Britain's Secret Islands (4x60') 

In this four-part adventure and exploration series we travel around the UK in a historic sailing ship, visiting the secret islands of the British Isles, to discover the untold stories of the fascinating history, cultures and wildlife that they hold, including their links to Viking and Nordic heritage. From 5000-year-old ruins to fascinating living cultures with Viking ancestry, which are found across the 6000 islands that form the United Kingdom, we unveil their mystery, natural history and archaeology.


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This gorgeous film adds the missing piece of the climate puzzle and offers urgent hope. While everyone has heard of global warming, few understand how environmental feedback loops amplify the warming even further, something which is not being taken into account by policy makers. With captivating illustrations, stunning footage and interviews with leading climate scientists as well as support from Greta Thunberg and Jane Fonda among others, this revealing film examines how human activity is setting off dangerous warming loops that are pushing the climate to a point of no return - and what we need to do to stop them.

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Riverwoods (1x60') - 4K

Riverwoods shines a light on the perilous state of Scotland’s salmon and tells the compelling story of an inextricable and extraordinary relationship, between fish and forest.

Working together, a group of expert scientists and talented visual storytellers, reveal how Scotland’s rivers have been greatly diminished but crucially, how they could be reborn through a shared vision of restoration and recovery.

The salmon need the forest. The forest needs the salmon. And Scotland needs them both



EPIC ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS travels the globe, digging up stories behind the stunning, the shocking and the most spectacular wildlife videos.



Weird and Outrageous Encounters

Predators Large and Small

 Adventures at the Waters Edge

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Kids Safari.png

Kids Safari (36x15')

Our beautiful planet is truly a place of wonder – especially if you are eight and ten years old! Join Luca and his sister Melua on a wild journey of discovery as they explore some of the most spectacular places on earth...








My Father's War 

A troubled man has a series of dreams in which he finds himself thrown back to a time before his birth, into the South Africa bush war, as a combat soldier. There he meets his father as a young man, when he was a member of the Special Forces. As they go through combat together, they become friends. Getting to know his father in a way he never has gives the son insight and compassion, and he is able to let go of life- long feelings of abandonment, resentment and anger. This leads to forgiveness and a real-life reconciliation.




My Wild Family - (30 x 5-6') 

An insider’s perspective on the real lives of wild animals, told through the eyes of one of their young as they embark on their journey of growing up. This enchanting and endearing children’s series captivates young audiences, keeping them engaged and entertained whilst simultaneously educating them on the fascinating world of wildlife. Each episode makes use of child friendly language and appeals to a wide audience age range of between 5 to 15 .



Baby Meerkat

Baby Baboon

Baby Chimp

Baby Giraffe


Professional Fighters League (PFL) 

PFL is the first ever MMA League where individual fighters compete in sport season format of regular season, playoffs and championship.

PFL delivers MMA fans most innovative video experience with integrated fighter data, analytics, social, gaming with Smartcage platform.

All PFL events live primetime on ESPN in U.S. 

White Collar Boxing (3x60')

This show takes ordinary men and women living in China and trains them up to be amateur boxers.Boxing was previously banned under the communist regime and it wasn’t until 2012 that a Chinese person won a major world boxing title. Nowadays, the most successful Chinese boxers are household names and the sport is growing in popularity. We watch as six participants put themselves through the gruelling process of trying to make it into a fight at one of the world’s biggest white collar boxing events. Boxing is one of the loneliest sports in the world and it requires a mental and physical strength that few possess... yet here are a few people willing to give it a go.

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In the Western reaches of Zimbabwe, the country’s largest national park lies beneath a canopy of Mahogany and Cathedral mopani trees. Once the ancient hunting grounds for the warrior-king Mzilikazi, the Hwange Game Reserve has been a national park for nearly a century. While celebrated for huge elephant herds and spectacular scenery, There is one creature here that has captured the hearts and minds of all – Hwange’s lions. These massive cats are rumored to be some of the biggest wild lions on the planet. One magnificent beast in particular was destined to become one of Africa’s most tragically famous animals. He was known as Cecil.

While his demise at the hand of hunters was splashed across the media, parking fury and sadness in all who heard his tale, Cecil’s life-story before he was posthumously ionised is worthy of celebrating. To let him slip into anonymity would be as tragic as his death. By remembering him as a warrior, father and loyal brother, he will always be remembered as the king he was born to be.



The Earth, our planet, is a magnificent and diverse world, filled to the brim with life. But life, in all its forms, cannot exist except within a very specific set of rules – among many, to be alive means to breathe, to breed, to sense one’s environment, and importantly – to and nourishment, in whatever form fits. Out in the wild, it’s eat or be eaten, and few escape this one law that governs all. The epic and eternal battle of predator vs. prey has moulded and shaped all life on Earth and resulted in a fierce array of weaponry and masterful set of skills. Deadliest Hunters takes a closer Look at some of the animals that have led the way in refining their skills as masterful huntsmen



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In a world where the only certainty is uncertainty, successfully navigating the journey of life is reserved only for the elite. Some few are able to run the gauntlet alone, while others employ a more stead-fast strategy- safety in numbers. Out in the wild a select few animals have reddened collaboration, melded their strengths, and become some of nature’s most formidable units. Out in the ganglands, every team needs its strategy and each individual has their role to play to make sure as many of them make it through to stand together and witness the coming of a new day this is Wild Dynasties.




Vast, intricate and untamed. Planet Earth holds within its bounds pockets of wilderness, built to survive the test of time. These lands and they inhabitant gave an eternal and unspoken pact that decides who is able to pass on their legacy to the next generation: Adapt to Survive.

In this series, we delve into the mysterious world of animals, pitted strategies the laws life to perpetuate in the most vicious environments of our planet.



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Far away, tucked in the outer reaches of our planet, vast landscapes are ruled by only those tenacious enough to have weathered the storms of nature’s greatest tests. Planet Earth hosts within it an array of different environments, each presenting its inhabitants with a unique set of challenges. These challenges weed out the weak and leave behind a subset of individuals who have adapted to becomes master specialists of their realms – from the expansive and unforgiving deserts to mighty and merciless rivers, to the deep and secretive forests – let us take you on a journey through the lives of the

creatures that inhabit the Wild Kingdoms of our world.





The Angolan War, a largely unpublicized war, raged in South-Western Africa between 1975-1989. The war began immediately after Angola became independent from Portugal in November 1975 and was a power struggle between two former liberation movements, the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). The war was used as a surrogate battleground for the Cold War by rival states such as the Soviet Union, Cuba, South Africa, and the United States. 



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Released in 1973 by founding member of The Last Poets, Jalal Nuriddin, under the name Lightnin' Rod, Hustlers Convention tells the story of Sport and Spoon - two young hustlers who attend the eponymous convention, only to get tangled up in a financial disagreement that leads to a shootout, police chase and finishes with Sport on Death Row, weighing up what it all means. Taking its title from the album, Hustlers Convention the film will blend archive and photos with interviews and use unique animated sequences set to the album. We will see the Hustlers Convention in its wider social context and Jalal's personal story as one of rap's undisputed pioneers.