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Reversing Climate Disaster (1x60')

Some say a carbon-neutral future is impossible. In this documentary, Reversing the Climate Disaster, we’ll meet the innovators proving them wrong…

Inspired by Bill Gates’ best-selling book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” and featuring Bill Gates himself, this feature-length documentary is an informative and inspiring adventure into how everything we do needs to be done differently, in order to adapt to rising sea levels, droughts and other climate-related challenges.

Rome: Rise Of The Empire (3x60')

At its height, the Roman Empire extended over three continents and included a large fraction of the ancient world’s population. Join world-renowned archaeologist Darius Arya in Rome: Rise of Empire, a three-part series that takes viewers throughout the ancient Roman Empire, exploring history’s most multicultural political entity.

Killer Cases (3x60')

Delve into some of history’s most notorious unsolved crimes with our panel of experts who guide us through the evidence and shed new light on old mysteries...


In Killer Cases we'll examine the evidence of several cold cases, including infamous serial killings, Hollywood scandals, a royal assassination and more.

Van Gogh: The Real Story (3x60')

Van Gogh: The Real Story is an immersive journey through the world of Vincent van Gogh, filmed on location at historical sites in Europe and enriched by the voices of fellow Impressionists, as well as the music of his time.


Written and directed by Professor Jean-Pierre Isbouts, an art historian, best-selling author, and award-winning filmmaker, the three-episode series—featuring beautiful visuals and engaging storytelling—sets out to answer many urgent questions that remain unsolved to this day. Discover the secrets behind the life and work of one of the most recognized, yet misunderstood, artists of the modern world.

America's Great Trails (3x60')

Here's your chance to sample life on six spectacular trails in North America with your guide, Emmy® award-winning filmmaker Mick Davie. Each trail holds rich secrets of American history and stories of the people who traveled them. 


Mick will take you on an adventure through the rugged heart of the continent, revealing its most closely held secrets in three stunning episodes.  We will learn about different terrains, climates, and a host of incredible wildlife. 

America's Great Trails is a feast for your senses that can help you rediscover your connection to the natural world.

Spies Secret History of Espionage (3x60')

The world of espionage is shrouded in mystery—even to those in it. And so much of what we think we know about spy craft is rooted in literature and film and drama. But even though the true nature of espionage is quite different, that doesn’t mean history’s real spies are any less heroic. Or fascinating.

In Spies: Secret History of Espionage go behind the shadows with a distinguished panel of historians—including a former intelligence case officer—in search of the secret meeting places, complex codes, stealth observations, and cutting-edge technologies spies have used throughout history.

Using historical visuals and captivating graphics, we cover topics ranging from spies in pop culture, the “femme fatale,” and the most effective secret agents in World War II. As you get to know real spies and their methods, you’ll uncover how their work is much more fascinating than anything pop culture could dream up.

The Life Of Jesus: History Revealed (3x60')

As the largest religion in the world, Christianity is comprised of thousands of denominations reflecting 2,000 years of ideas. While many branches of the faith vary wildly, they all spring from the same source: a rabbi from Galilee in the far provinces of the Roman Empire. To better understand Christianity today—and, thus, our world—you will journey back to the source and reflect on the man at the center of the Christian faith, the historical Jesus of Nazareth.


Life of Jesus takes you back two millennia to explore the history, context, and character of a humble carpenter who changed the world.


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